Air Conflicts Collection is a compilation of air combat games released on the Nintendo Switch by Kalypso Media in 2019. It consists of Air Conflicts: Secret Wars and Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers. The two games are based on the World Wars and the planes featured in them.

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars

In Air Conflicts: Secret Wars. the player goes through a series of missions broken up by graphic novel-like cutscenes. These missions are mostly performed by the player alone with various goals from regular dog fights to stealth missions and escort missions. Since there aren't really any other planes of the player's side, the player gets sent back to the last checkpoint.

Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers

In Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers, the player flies a plane in the Pacific theater of World War II, playing either on the side of the Americans or the Japanese. More freedom is given in this game with most planes of the era available to choose from and that missions lead to varying amounts of progress. The game starts with defending Pearl Harbor but, after that, the player can choose.


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