Aikatsu! 365 Idol Days is the third Aikatsu game. It was developed by h.a.n.d. and published by Bandai Namco Games for the Nintendo 3DS in 2014. It prides itself on being a "real idol adventure." The game also includes characters from the season of the show that started airing earlier that Fall.


The game has the player create their avatar that attends the school the main cast is from to become an idol. The player then, partakes in scheduling this avatar to partake in various activities in becoming an idol. The main mode returning the series once again is the Live mode, which is a rhythm game. Tapping the correct icon at the right time improves the score and the game uses songs from the show. Completing certain sequences gives a chance to appeal by timing taps to the icons with the circles and gives a score boost. The Live mode is used in two different ways with the unit one being where players keep up with the rhythm in a performance with other idols from the series and the other is a scouting performance where the player tries to perform better than the competing idol.

There is also a modeling mode where the character selects the avatar's outfit and tries to appeal to the crowd in sequences either by tapping on the screen or using the corresponding buttons.

Additionally, when taking classes and conversing with the main characters, there may be a word game in which the player connects a word in Japanese from the tileset.

A new mechanic called My Room is introduced where players can decorate a room for their avatar. This can shared along with the avatar via StreetPass or QR code and the avatar can be seen in the Live mode.

The QR code feature tying the game to the arcade game returns, unlocking pieces of clothing based on the part bought and they can be used to customize the player.


Famitsu gave the game a 30 (8/7/8/7) out of 40.

The game sold 33,151 copies in launch week. This is less than 2-nin no Princess, but much better than Cinderella Lesson.

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