Ai no Uta is a song released in 2001 that accompanied the video game Pikmin for the GameCube. The song, while not in the game, appeared in commercials in Japan where the game was created. The Pikmin creatures in the game's sequel Pikmin 2 will hum the song together under certain situations. When translated, the song's name reads "Song of Love", which is supposed to reflect the feeling the Pikmin have towards Captain Olimar in the game. It should be noted that Ai no Uta was one of the over 250 songs present in the Wii video game Super Smash Bros. Brawl (the French version was also present).

The song had an overwhelming success in Japan, and dramatically boosted the sales of the game it was meant to promote. In the long run, the song sold more copies than the game did in Japan.

Pikmin - Ai no Uta (English Lyrics)

Pikmin - Ai no Uta (English Lyrics)

This is the full song with English translation.


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