Agent 8 is a playable character in Splatoon 2 and the main character of the Octo Expansion DLC.


Depending on the player's choices, they can have different eye and skin colors, as well as being either a boy or a girl. They have angled eyes with black markings around their eyes (with a dash at the end for the female only), a sharp tooth on the opposite side of their teeth bottom and on top, a flat, pointed ear on the left and human-like, rounded ear on the right, small suckers, semi-pointed fingers. The female’s hairstyle features two thin shoulder length tentacles parted way in the front that curl at the tip and two larger but shorter tentacles in the back that too curl at the tip. The male’s hairstyle features a mostly shaved cut with one main tentacle mohawk down the center that curls at the end, in the back he has three small tentacles in a column. They both have gray under their hair, and ring-like spots at the ends of their tentacles. They wear a black leather crop top with one long sleeve, leather skirt or pants and boots, and a type of neon yellow bracelet on both their ankles and wrists; if they pick up Armor, their shirt will now have both sleeves on and reach down to their wrists and pants or skirt. When they're damaged, their sleeve will fall off and reveal a padded undershirt, they'll be in a weakened state similar to Agent 4. However, if the player completes the DLC, they will be able to wear the gear sold in the shops. On 1st June 2018, new hairstyles were revealed, including an Afro style for males, and a ponytail style for females.


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