Age of Empires: The Age of Kings is a game released on the Nintendo DS in 2006. The game is a tactical RPG, similar in gameplay to the Advance Wars series. The game includes five different historical civilizations, which include the Britons, the Franks, the Japanese, the Saracens, and the Mongols. The units are divided into four categories. This is the second DS game in this line of games. And so far it is the last.


It is like the first age of kings, but with many differences. You can choose what civilization you want to be.


There are five different campaigns in the game.

The four ages

Note: The following states factual information about real life events.

  • The Dark Age - The dark age refers to the early European Middle Ages, and was the start of the crusades. These events had a major impact on not only Europe, but the whole world. During these times, Christianity was nearly destroyed, the Viking pirates raided homes and killed thousands, and many wars ensued.


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