The Aether Foundation is an organization based in the Alola region whose goal is to protect Pokémon. The organization shelters wounded Pokémon to keep them safe from threats like Team Skull. Their headquarters is Aether Paradise, an artificial island they constructed.


The Aether Foundation was founded at an unknown amount of time before the events of Pokémon Sun and Moon, but by the time of the game, the president of the foundation is Lusamine and it is known that they were conducting research on the Ultra Beasts and Cosmog. One of the professors in Aether Foundation was the one who named Cosmog. At some point, they also worked on genetic experiments, using several DNA samples from Pokémon of different Types, in order to create Type: Null whose purpose was to battle the Ultra Beasts. Upon several tries, they were unable to perfect the RKS System and the Type: Null became more and more uncontrollable, so the project was ultimately scrapped, the samples put on cryogenic suspension. This research was ordered by Lusamine who was under the influence of Nihilego's Neurotoxins and was stopped after her defeat in the Ultra Space. The Foundation then helped Looker and Anabel in their search of the Ultra Beasts.


Pokémons used by the team


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