Aero Fighters (JP) is a vertical scroll shooter, released for arcade racing in 1992 by the Video System, then converted to the Japanese Super Famicom in 1993 and to the American and European SNES in 1994.


There are eight scenarios to go beyond. The first are randomly selected scenarios, those related to pilots ignored during the selection (each has a different nationality). If Rabies or Lepus are chosen, all rival nations' scenarios will be available. After completing the scenarios of the four rival nations, four other scenarios are made available.

In transposition for SNES, two scenarios begin again after reaching the end, and the order of the rival factions faced is fixed. In the pursuit, the difficulty of playing automatically increases, except at "Ostico" level, where it is simpler. If you finish the first run, you will see an exclusive finish: if you end it a second time, the second pair pilot will reveal a secret code in the final.


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