Aeleen is a playable character in Dragalia Lost.


Aeleen is a young woman with blue eyes and long blonde hair tied into a braid. She wears blue Valkyrie armor and a helmet. Her skirt is white and she wears blue boots.

As a nurse, she wears a white dress with blue details. Her nurse hat is white and blue and she wears a winged hair clip under her ear and wears white gloves.

Official Description

A kind, mild-mannered knight whose bloodlust breaks free on the battlefield. While her skills are unrivaled, she tries to avoid fighting as she fears the "other" that emerges. She now needs only the courage to face herself.

Official Description (Nurse Aeleen)

Nurse variant.

A knight who, at long last, has overcome her fears and taken on a new role as a nurse. Her bedside manner and knowledge of herbs are impeccable—but can she keep her other personality at bay?

Adventurer Stories


Adventurer Stories

Nurse Aeleen

Adventurer Stories