Adventures of Lolo 3 is the third Adventures of Lolo video game to be released on the NES, and the last one to be released stateside. Because the original Adventures of Lolo wasn't released in Japan, this game was titled Adventures of Lolo 2. The game was both published and developed by HAL Laboratory. Because Nintendo didn't publish all of HAL's games earlier on, HAL completely owns the franchise. Homages to the series have been made in the Kirby video games.



One of the major differences between Adventures of Lolo 3 and the previous two games in the series is the large overworld instead of a single dungeon that the player would have to traverse. In all there are a total of 100 puzzles that are scattered throughout 17 stages. Most who've played the games consider this to be the most challenging of the three.


  • Heart Framers: These heart shaped objects will appear in each puzzle. The goal of each stage is to collect all of the Heart Framers. Doing so will unlock the chest.
  • Emerald Framers: These are blocks that the player can push, but not pull.
  • Magic Shots: These are offensive weapons that can turn an enemy into an egg. Following this you have two choices, which are to either use it as you would an Emerald Framer or destroy it by using another Magic Shot. Doing the latter will waste your shots though, and they're hard to come upon. If you turn it into an egg, however, it will eventually hatch and the enemy will roam free once again.
  • Hammer: Hammers are the first of the special items that the player will find in capsules titled "PWR". They'll allow you to break a rock, though following that you are not allowed to use it anymore.
  • Arrow: The second special item will change the direction that one title is pointing in, though after you use it, you can't use it again.
  • Bridge: The final item will allow you to build a bridge over one tile of water, though after you use it you can't change the placement of the bridge.

Password system

The password system in Adventures of Lolo 3 are more complicated than the one used in Adventures of Lolo 2 (US). In the second game, the player only had to insert four characters, and the pattern was easy to decipher, while in this game there are 16 characters that you must insert. The passwords in the game will take you to certain levels in the game. Each level has its own random password.




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