Adventures of Lolo is a video game part of the Eggerland franchise released in 1989 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It is the first Eggland game released in North America and Europe.


To save the country of Eden from the Great Devil's destruction, the King of Eden dispatched Princess Lala to seek help. Prince Lolo was requested to accompany Lala back to Eden. On the way back, The Great Devil kidnapped Lala right in front of Lolo.

To save Eden and rescue Lala, Prince Lolo went to the Devil's Haunted Castle. Lolo is not blessed with strength or agility but possesses great courage, high IQ and a lot of patience. Can Lolo save Lala after solving an almost endless series of mazes?



  • The game is mentioned in the Strong Bad Email "bedtime story" as being disapproved by The Cheat's fictional friend Moses Malone, who hopes he saved the receipt.


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