Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations is an adventure game for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS based on Adventure Time. This is the first tie-in that features full 3D graphics. In this game, Finn and Jake decide to become detectives exploring the Land of Ooo.


Finn & Jake Investigations is an adventure game with several context-sensitive actions. The game is divided into missions accessed from the tickettype in Finn & Jake's treehouse. After selecting a mission, the player is taken to the location with the goal of figuring out the mystery. Like point-and-click adventure games, the player has to collect information and tools. Some tools possibly with Jake need to be combined to solve puzzles.


At various points in the game, the game triggers combat. The combat is fairly simple with the player as Finn with his sword. Jake attacks enemies on his own. To swing the sword, the player can just mash buttons. After racking up a combo and filling up the meter at the bottom of the screen, the player can trigger a combination attack with Jake. There are four choices which can deal a lot of damage.



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