Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising (JP) is a tactical RPG video game for the Game Boy Advance. It was developed by Intelligent Systems, and is the second installment in the Advance Wars series. The game's characters also appeared in the previous game (other than Sami), and once again are commanding officers for Orange Star.


The Black Hole Army has recovered from the war and launch a full scale invasion on the micoland.


Much like the previous game, this sequel is a tactical turn based RPG, where you one by one move your army toward or away from the enemy, then attack them using one of the many units.On some of the maps there are two ways to defeat the opposing enemy, rather than just one. One way is to destroy every single enemy unit on the map, and the other is to capture their HQ. There are a few new units like the new terrain pipelines and missile silo. CO powers have been increased greatly.