Admiral Bobbery appears in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door for the GameCube. Admiral Bobbery is an old Bob-omb sailor. In his early life he once was a great sailor who sailed the seas. He had a wife named Scarlette. However his life took a turn when Scarlette died of sickness while Bobbery was out at sea. When he came back and discovered this he became depressed blaming himself for his wife's death and vowed never to sail again. Years later Mario and team came to him for his help to navigate a ship. He refused. However after talking to Podley at the juice bar Mario will be given a letter. This letter is from Scarlette writing about her death and telling Bobbery not to worry. Bobbery reads the letter and joins Mario's team. After saving him on Keelhaul Key he becomes a real member and can blow things up. He stays with Mario for the rest of the game. After defeating the Shadow Queen and saving the Mushroom World he starts sailing the seas with Cortez. If Mario comes back at the end of the game Bobbery and other members will go with Mario to do other things.

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