Adelbert Steiner is a playable character in Final Fantasy IX. He leads the Knights of Pluto and is assigned to protect Princess Garnet.


Steiner is a retainer of and personal guardian to Garnet, and places her safety above all else. At first this brings him to odds with the others, including Garnet. His world-view is starkly black-and-white, which makes him quick to judge people and situations without a second thought. His narrow-mindedness makes him emotional, as Steiner immediately blames himself for what he sees as failing to perform his duty, and falls into desperation. Initially, he tends to lose his composure when things do not go his way. During his quest Steiner grows and learns to think for himself instead of blindly following duty. Steiner realizes that Garnet can take care of herself, seeing her mission as too important for him to stand in her way.

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