Activision is a company that currently is developing for the Wii, the Nintendo DS, and other Nintendo platforms. Notable franchises or games include Call of Duty, The Guitar Hero Series, GUN, the Tony Hawk franchise, Pitfall!, and others. They are a subsidiary of Activision Blizzard.


Before the company started its business, console software was published exclusively by the same hardware hardware manufacturers as the games were designed; This meant that, for example, Atari was the only game publisher for its Atari 2600 system. This situation was particularly annoying for game developers, as they did not receive additional rewards for sales sample games and were not even Accredited for the games they created.

In May 1979, Atari David Crane, Larry Kaplan, Alan Miller, and Bob Whitehead programmers advanced Ray Kassar's CEO of Ray Kassar's request for a treatment similar to that received by Warner Communications (Atari's owner-group) musicians Resulting in royalties and accreditation on game packs, receiving a dry rejection dictated by contemptuous words for their role, so Crane, Miller and Whitehead Activision in October 1979 along with Jim Levy, from the record industry, and entrepreneur Richard Muchmore, welcoming Kaplan among them shortly after.