ActRaiser is a SNES video game developed by Quintet and published by Enix. While not as popular as other Enix titles such as Dragon Warrior, the game did have a pretty big cult following. ActRaiser was the first Square-Enix video game to be released on the Wii's Virtual Console. It is an RPG, and later spawned a sequel. In 2021, it received a remake as ActRaiser Renaissance.


The protagonist of the game is a deity known as The Master. According to the story told in the instruction book, the demon Tanzra, in an attempt to seize the world peacefully governed by the Master, involved the latter in a battle against the six Guardians, its subordinates. The battle was difficult for the Master who, defeated, had to retire to his Sky Palace, a castle floating in the clouds, assisted by an angel; Meanwhile, Tanzra and his horde of demons took possession of the world, dividing it into six regions, each entrusted to one of the Guardians, while the cult of the Master gradually disappeared among men.

Hundreds of years later, the Master, resumed, decides to reincarnate to descend among the men overwhelmed by the monsters of Tanzra, releasing the lands from evil and causing the men to believe in him.




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