Acerola (JP) is the Trial Captain of the Thrifty Megamart on Ula'ula Island. She specializes in Ghost-types and is a member of Alola Elite Four in place of her "uncle", Island Kahuna Nanu. She is also the current heir of the Alolan royal family as she is the last living member of said royal family. Her authority comes from her status as an exeptional Pokémon trainer and not from her royal heritage however as the royal family of Alola doesn't hold any real political power over the archipelago anymore.


Acerola has long purple hair with the top of her hair tied with her trial captain emblem. She has big gray eyes and a cat-like mouth. She wears a patchwork dress of various shades of dark blue and gray. She wears a armlet around her left arm, holding her Z-Ring. She also wears sandals



Location: Pokémon League
Reward: 11,000
VS Acerola


  • She is the only Trial Captain that is not battled under the Trainer class Captain
  • Despite refering to Nanu as her "uncle", they are not related, the term being used a label of endearment and closesness of a person.
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