Abadox: The Deadly Inner War is a video game for the NES. In the game, you must venture inside of an alien body in search of the recently swallowed Princess Maria. There are 6 levels in all, each one inside of the alien.


The game takes place in the year 5012. Suddenly, a strange creature is spotted in your galaxy. It is soon revealed that the enemy is Parasitis. The enemy then swallows your home planet. The World Alive Force launches an attack, though the enemy crushes it, and swallows a hospital, with the princess on board. Now you must venture through mthe monster and find the princess.


The game is essentially a side scrolling shooter, which during the time of this game's release were very popular. As most games in this genre, your goal is to destroy the enemy by shooting them, though, as in most games as well, you will die if you get harmed once, making the game challenging. The game also feature powerups that will increase your bullet's strength and make your character move faster.


As stated above, the game features 6 levels, each one inside or outside of the actual monster. The first level, titled the surface, is actually the mouth of the monster. Next is the throat, then the Inner sanctum, the stomach, the intestine, and then the core of the monster, where you kill it.

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