AR dragon

AR dragon in AR game Target Shooting

The Augmented Reality Dragon (or "AR" Dragon for short) is a recurring character and main antagonist in the Augmented Reality mini games for the Nintendo 3DS.


Target Shooting:

The AR Dragon appears as the boss of Target Shooting. After shooting all of the targets on a stone statue, the statue will turn into a dragon. In this part, each body part has to be shot until they turn black to defeat it. This Dragon is gold.

Target Shooting 2:

Similarly to the first Target Shooting, the player faces the Dragon after shooting the targets on the statue's body. However, this time the dragon will be stronger, and will breathe out fire along with sludge. This dragon is also gold.

AR Shot:

At the end of AR Shot, the player encounters the Dragon in a pool of lava. In this part of AR the Dragon have to be hit with bombs. This dragon is green.

AR Shot 2:

Similar to AR shot, The Dragon is found in a pool of lava. This time, there are 3 floating bombs that must be shot, and the dragon moves around the pool of lava deforming some of the land land, thus, making it harder to be shot at.


At the end of your 2 minutes, the Dragon appears out of the pool of water. In this part the player has to lower bombs into the Dragon from your fishing rod till the Dragon is unconscious. Catching it is worth 200 points. This dragon is blue.

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