ARMS Rush (ARMSラッシュ, ARMS Rush) is Min Min's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
Min Min Final Smash SSBU


When activated, Min Min will reach forward with her left ARM, knocking any opponent away. The game will transition into a cutscene where other ARMS fighters will join together and attack, before Min Min fires a laser from her Dragon ARM to finish off the attack, ending the cutscene with the sound of a gong. Spring Man, Ribbon Girl, Ninjara, Twintelle, Mechanica, and Master Mummy all make cameos in this Final Smash.


In ARMS, each character has a Rush ability, which is filled up by the Rush Gauge as matches progress. Once the gauge is full, the player can activate their Rush, which is a flurry of punches (of varying appearances, depending on the ARMS used). Spring Man's role as an Assist Trophy utilizes the Rush as well, albeit more faithful to its appearance in ARMS.

The Final Smash also looks similar to Ninjara's segment of Min Min's reveal trailer, where a bunch of different ARMS bombard him all at once.

The gong that the opponent is launched into resembles the gong on Min Min's stage in ARMS, Ramen Bowl, which can be chimed if hit by a fighter's punch.

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