AQ Interactive is a Japanese video game developer and publisher. The AQ in the name stands for Artistic Quality. They are the parent company of Artoon, Cavia, XSEED and feelplus. They were creating video games for the Wii console.

In 2007, AQ Interactive teamed up with Nintendo to create the arcade video game Pokémon Battrio, to date the only arcade game within the series.

In 2011, AQ Interactive merged with Marvelous Entertainment and Liveware to form Marvelous AQL.

Games released by AQ Interactive


Ju-on The Grudge (NA) Ju-on: The Grudge
July 2009
The Last Story (NA) The Last Story
co-developed with Mistwalker
published by Nintendo in EU and Japan; XSEED in NA
The World of Golden Eggs Nori Nori Rhythm Kei (JP) The World of Golden Eggs: Nori Nori Rhythm Kei
June 2008
Victorious Boxers Revolution (NA) Victorious Boxers: Revolution
June 2007


Away Shuffle Dungeon (NA) Away: Shuffle Dungeon
October 2008
Blue Dragon Plus (NA) Blue Dragon Plus
September 2008
Boing Docomodake DS (NA) Boing! Docomodake DS
December 2007
September 2009
KORG DS-10 Synthesizer (NA) KORG DS-10 Synthesizer
July 2008
The Kayou Generation (JP) The * Kayou Generation
June 2009
The World of Golden Eggs Nori Nori Uta Dekichatte Kei (JP) The World of Golden Eggs: Nori Nori Uta Dekichatte Kei
February 2009


Cubic Ninja (NA) Cubic Ninja
April 2011
Zoo Resort 3D (NA) Zoo Resort 3D
May 2011
published by Marvelous Entertainment
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