3D Sonic the Hedgehog (JP) is a downloadable port of the original Sonic the Hedgehog, produced for the eShop service, and is part of the 3D Classics line. This game utilises the 3DS's stereoscopic 3D vision and some extra features, but is otherwise pretty much identical to the original Sonic the Hedgehog.


The plot is essentially the same as the original; Sonic must save all the animals of South Island that have been captured by the game's main antagonist, Dr. Robotnik, who had transformed the animals into evil robots. As well as saving the animals, Sonic can also obtain the six Chaos Emeralds stolen by Dr. Robotnik.


The port is almost identical to the original Sonic the Hedgehog video game it derived from - it retains the six zones with three acts in each and the final zone at the end, and keeps all the features of the originals including the levels and enemies. However the new port adds a couple of new features that were unavailable in the originals - the port includes Sonic's trademark 'Spin Dash' action and adds a 'Level Select' function at the start of the game, where players can choose any level and act to start from. In addition, the port adds customisable controls that can be adjusted as you wish and allows you to choose between different international versions of the game, such as North American, Japanese etc.


Game reviewer Score
Cubed3 [1] 8/10
Official Nintendo Magazine UK 83/100
Nintendo Life [2] 8/10
NintendoWorldReport [3] 8/10

The port has gained excellent reception from game reviewers. The port was praised for its new enhanced features and its inclusion of many options - it was especially praised for its inclusion of the 3D vision, which was said to have provided wonderful graphics to the game, and its entertainment value.

On the other hand the cons of the port were that it did not make use of the full screen and used a 4:3 size instead, which was criticised by game reviewers for being inconvenient, and that it did not capture the fast pace of the original game. Overall however the game had received great reception for its 3D effect and for being entertaining.


  • The game can also be played in the 'Classic' screen mode as well as in 3D; the 'Classic' mode replicates the graphics, colours and pixels from the old-style curved CRT television; the graphics in the 'Classic' mode are far more inferior, but is included to make the port more authentic to the originals.
  • The 'Spin Dash' action (when Sonic speeds and rolls up into a ball) can also be disabled in the settings to make the game more authentic.
  • Lastly, the PSG emulation music can be switched between Mega Drive music or Mega Drive 2 music. 
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