2K Sports is a division of 2K Games that specifically develops and publishes sports games. Since it was founded in 2005, 2K Sports produced the NBA 2K series, WWE 2K series, NHL 2K series, and MLB 2K series.


In 2005, Take-Two Interactive had acquired Visual Concepts as well as the rights to all the 2K sports games from Sega for $24 million. They then formed 2K Games with 2K Sports dedicated to working on their sports series.

In 2013, 2K Sports announced that Take-Two acquired the WWE license from THQ in their bankruptcy auctions, leading to 2K Sports to publish the WWE2K series from then on.

Games released by 2K Sports

Titles Formats Release Date(s)
Baseball BlastWii2009-09September 2009
Don King BoxingWii/DS2009-03March 2009
Major League Baseball 2K6 GameCube 2006-06June 2006
Major League Baseball 2K7 DS 2007-03March 2007
Major League Baseball 2K7 GBA 2007-05May 2007
Major League Baseball 2K8Wii2008-03March 2008
Major League Baseball 2K8 Fantasy All-Stars DS 2008-04April 2008
Major League Baseball 2K9Wii2009-03March 2009
Major League Baseball 2K9 Fantasy All-Stars DS 2009-03March 2009
Major League Baseball 2K10Wii/DS2010-03March 2010
Major League Baseball 2K11Wii/DS2011-03March 2011
Major League Baseball 2K12 Wii/DS 2012-03March 2012
MLB Power ProsWii2007-10October 2007
MLB Power Pros 2008Wii/DS2008-07July 2008
MLB SuperstarsWii2008-11November 2008
NBA 2K2 GameCube 2002-03March 2002
NBA 2K3 GameCube 2002-10October 2002
NBA 2K10Wii2009-11November 2009
NBA 2K11Wii2010-10October 2010
NBA 2K12Wii2011-10October 2011
NBA 2K13Wii2012-10October 2012
NBA 2K13 Wii U 2013-10October 2013
NBA 2K18 Switch 2017-09September 2017
NBA 2K19 Switch 2018-09September 2018
NBA 2K20 Switch 2019-09September 2019
NHL 2K9Wii2008-09September 2008
NHL 2K10Wii2009-09September 2009
NHL 2K11Wii2010-08August 2010
World Poker Tour GBA 2005-10October 2005
The BigsWii2007-06June 2007
The Bigs 2 Wii 2009-07July 2009
The Bigs 2DS2009-08August 2009
Top Spin 2 GBA/DS 2007-03March 2007
Top Spin 3Wii/DS2008-06June 2008
Top Spin 4Wii2011-03March 2011
WWE 2K18 Switch 2017-12December 2017

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