2048 Battles is a puzzle game produced for the Nintendo Switch console in 2019, downloadable from the eShop.

It is based on the game of 2048, which was a recent sliding block game produced by an Italian web developer Gabriele Cirulli back in 2014. That had unexpectedly ended up becoming a viral hit and had spawned releases on consoles including the 3DS.

The game is playable with up to 8 players to encourage multiplayer and allow for frenzied experiences amongst players. [1]


The game's structurally based upon the 2048 puzzle, which consists of a 4x4 grid with varying tiles of increasing multiples of 2; the player has to shift the tiles of same number so they merge into a double tile, and keep doing so until the magic '2048' number is reached.

2048 Battles 1

In this edition of 2048 though, the game introduces a brand new gimmick by introducing history themes on the grid; in place of standard numbers are images of different building infrastructure. As the puzzle progresses, the buildings become more expansive just as with the numbers.

The game features three modes - the classic puzzle of 2048, move game and time game. As the puzzle progresses the design of the grid shifts to different time periods, ranging from prehistoric eras in a desert to the modern future. 

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