Mario Bros.

This page consists of Nintendo-related events that occurred in 1983.


  • According to Nintendo, total video game sales for 1983 are $3.2 billion USD. 1

Notable Releases

  • Mario Bros., the Game & Watch version, is released, introducing the character of Luigi.
  • Mario Bros. is released as a one or two player arcade game.
  • The Gunpei Yokoi developed puzzle game Crossover is released. It is among the last major non-electronic toys Nintendo ever released.

Other media

  • September 17 - Saturday Supercade, which featured cartoons based on the Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. Video games,and premiering on CBS.


  • 15 July: Nintendo releases the Family Computer console in Japan.[1] Shortly after its release, complaints begin to surface about rampant system instability, prompting Nintendo to issue a product recall and to rerelease the machine with a new motherboard.


  • MCA Universal files suit against Nintendo, claiming that the latter company's video arcade hit Donkey Kong violated Universal's copyright on King Kong. After a brief trial, the judge determined that the rights to the original Kong had passed into the public domain. The case was dismissed, and MCA Universal paid $1.8 million USD in damages to Nintendo.

Character debuts

Games released in 1983


Family Computer

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9 games were released in Japan.

Title Publisher Release Date Source
Baseball(JP) Nintendo 1983-12-07December 7, 1983 GameFAQs [1]
Donkey Kong(JP) Nintendo 1983-07-15July 15, 1983 GameFAQs [2]
Donkey Kong Jr.(JP) Nintendo 1983-07-15July 15, 1983 GameFAQs [3]
Donkey Kong Jr. no Sansū Asobi(JP) Nintendo 1983-12-12December 12, 1983 GameFAQs [4]
Gomoku Narabe Renju(JP) Nintendo 1983-08-27August 27, 1983 GameFAQs [5]
Mahjong(JP) Nintendo 1983-08-27August 27, 1983 GameFAQs [6]
Mario Bros.(JP) Nintendo 1983-09-09September 9, 1983 GameFAQs [7]
Popeye(JP) Nintendo 1983-07-15July 15, 1983 GameFAQs [8]
Popeye no Eigo Asobi(JP) Nintendo 1983-11-22November 22, 1983 GameFAQs [9]



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