The 10 Gold Coin (also called 10-Gold Coin) originated in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3, Wario's first playable appearance in a game. It is a Coin with a picture of a plus symbol. In this game, if Wario collected the 10 Gold Coin, he would simply earn 10 Coins at once, which would be equivalent to Wario collecting 10 single gold Coins. The amount of gold Coins you collected throughout the game determines your ending and what kind of home Wario buys at the end of the game after he defeats the final boss. The 10 Gold Coin could also be used as a weapon, or to activate a continue point. There was also a 100 Gold Coin in this game, of which was worth one hundred Gold Coins, or ten 10 Gold Coins. The next and final time the 10 Gold Coin appeared was in the sequel, Wario Land II, of which instead of a plus symbol, it bore a picture of Wario's head. In this game, the 10 Gold Coin could only be used for collecting 10 Coins, of which were used to purchase a minigame.

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