007: The World is Not Enough is a first-person shooter for the Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color. It was released in late 2000 and was published by Electronic Arts. It's a James Bond game based on the Bond film of the same name released a year earlier.


The gameplay is very similar to GoldenEye 007, which was released on the Nintendo 64 prior to this game's release. The World is Not Enough supports both the Rumble Pak and the Nintendo 64 Expansion Pak that allowed the game's graphics to have a higher resolution. It featured 14 missions, as well as four-player multiplayer.



Similar to that of the film, James Bond is assigned to protect Elektra King from the terrorist Renard. But as it turns out, Elektra is actually working with Renard and using Bond and MI6 in their evil plot to control the worlds oil supply with nuclear weapons.


Both the Rumble Pak and Expansion Pak are utilized in the game, enhancing graphics and gameplay.

There are 14 single-player levels within three difficulties: Agent, Secret Agent and 00 Agent.

While Pierce Brosnan's likeness is used for the character of Bond, the voice is provided by actor Tim Bentinck.


The N64 version had mixed to positive reviews, whereas the GBC version had much more negative reviews from game critics.