007: Nightfire is a GameCube and Game Boy Advance video game released in 2002. In 2006, it was re-released as part of the Player's Choice brand in both America and Europe. The game is a first person shooter developed by Eurocom for the GameCube and JV Games for the Game Boy Advance. The game was generally well received, though didn't move the series forward as did GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64. Nightfire is the second 007 video game for the GameCube and the fourth to be published by Electronic Arts.


James Bond is sent to France to assist French agent Dominique Paradis in retrieving stolen nuclear weapons. As the case unravels, Bond discovers that Phoenix International (a company run by Raphael Drake) is a front for weapon smuggling. With the help of Dominique, Australian agent Alura McCall, and CIA operative Zoe Nightshade, Bond tracks down Drake and discovers he is using a space defense platform orbiting the Earth to launch nuclear missiles down at the planet.


  • James Bond (007) - The protagonist and MI6 agent
  • Raphael Drake - The main antagonist
  • Dominique Paradis - French operative
  • Alura McCall - Australian operative
  • Makiko Hayashi - Drake's henchwoman
  • Armitage Rook - Drake's henchman
  • Alexander Mayhew - A former employee of Drake's
  • Zoe Nightshade - American CIA agent
  • M - Head of MI6 and Bond's boss
  • Q - MI6's gadgetmaster



The game includes 12 levels, each having its own unique name. The stages include:

  1. Paris Prelude
  2. The Exchange
  3. Alpine Escape
  4. Enemies Vanquished
  5. Double Cross
  6. Night Shift
  7. Chain Reaction
  8. Phoenix Fire
  9. Deep Descent
  10. Island Infiltration
  11. Countdown
  12. Equinox


There are three different difficulty settings including Operative (easy), Agent (moderate), and 00 Agent (hard). At the end of each level, a list of various statistics are displayed, such as kills, accuracy, etc.


The game uses actor Pierce Brosnan's likeness. But the voice acting was not Brosnan, instead Maxwell Caulfield was hired.

Also, the character Zoe Nightshade returns for a brief appearance after her debut in the previous game 007: Agent Under Fire.


The game has plenty of weapons in at least six different categories. In all, there are 37 weapons, 11 of which are unique gadgets that Bond can use. The categories include pistols, submachine guns, rifles, explosives, and gadgets.


The GameCube version of Nightfire features multiplayer and up to four-players.

Playable characters

Numerous characters are available to play as, either available to select at the start or later unlocked. Each character is divided into two teams based on their affiliation in the Bond franchise: Good characters are on Team: MI6 whilst Villains are on Team: Phoenix. There are 7 MI6 characters and 20 Phoenix characters, a total of 27.