007: Agent Under Fire is a first-person shooter for the Nintendo GameCube based on the popular James Bond franchise. It was developed and published by Electronic Arts while MGM Interactive is also credited as a publisher. The game is an original story and is not based on any film nor book.


British super-spy James Bond assists CIA agent Zoe Nightshade in recovering a case full of vials. As it turns out, the vials are blood samples taken from some of the top world leaders. Unraveling more of the mystery, Bond discovers that a woman named Adrian Malprave is attempting to clone the world leaders and insert them into their respective governments while keeping the real leaders imprisoned. Malprave plans to have those clones do her bidding and shape the world how she wants. With the help of MI6's gadgets and the CIA's Zoe Nightshade, Bond must stop Malprave's evil plans.


  • James Bond (007) - The protagonist and MI6 agent
  • Adrian Malprave - The main antagonist
  • Zoe Nightshade - American CIA agent
  • Nigel Bloch - Malprave's main henchman
  • Carla the Jackal - Another Malprave henchwoman
  • M - Head of MI6 and Bond's boss
  • R - MI6's gadgetmaster
  • Z - R's assistant
  • Bella and Bebe - Twins in the employ of Malprave
  • Natalya Damescu - A scientist who used to work for Malprave
  • Reginald Griffin - British diplomat



The game includes 12 levels, each having its own unique name. The stages include:

  • Level 1: Trouble in Paradise
  • Level 2: Precious Cargo
  • Level 3: Dangerous Pursuit
  • Level 4: Bad Diplomacy
  • Level 5: Cold Reception
  • Level 6: Night of the Jackal
  • Level 7: Streets of Bucharest
  • Level 8: Fire and Water
  • Level 9: Forbidden Depths
  • Level 10: Poseidon
  • Level 11: Mediterranean Crisis
  • Level 12: Evil Summit

Types of weapons

There are three main types of weapons in the game, each type having about four or five weapons. The weapon types include pistols (there are five types of pistols), submachine guns (four types of submachine guns), and automatic rifles (four types of automatic rifles). There are more items that are under the category "other".


Like most of the 007 games, multiplayer is included and is one of the more memorable aspects of the game. The game features up to four people playing at one time. An exclusive to the GameCube and Xbox version is enemy AI. Only one player can be James Bond at a time.

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